About VINTAGE Games

VINTAGE Games is a small, independent game development studio located in the gleefully sunny city of Austin, Texas.  Formed in June of 2013, VINTAGE Games is dedicated to producing premium quality retro games for a variety of platforms, both mobile and console.  It’s currently a one-man studio, owned and operated by President and CEO Dan Bisciglia in Austin, Texas.  Currently VINTAGE Games consists of one full release game, 3 gamejam-style web-based flash games, a few legacy games from before the VINTAGE Games LLC was formed, and 4 in-development games to be released in 2014 / early 2015.

Dan Bisciglia has been a professional in the games industry for the last 4 years, working as a Producer, Designer, and QA lead at Sneaky Games before creating his own studio.  He got the game development bug when he was seven years old, beginning with qbasic program modifications.  He moved on to various “maker” software in his preteen / teen years, such as VERGE RPG engine, OHRRPGCE, Zelda Classic, RPGMaker 98, and other similar ultimately settling on Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion software as his development tool of choice in his twenties.

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